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Pursuit - Update #1

I'm working on a VR pod racing game without the annoying child. So far I've got the basics of the tracks down, and am working on the pod racer itself.


First up the tracks. The terrain provides a base, but I want to elevate arcs of concrete from it for the bends. I soon found out that mesh colliders wouldn't work, creating stepped surfaces rather than the smooth curves I needed. So I've rolled my own customizable sections of track that generate meshes for rendering, and calucate collision without colliders. The bowl is shown below. I sketched these out in Unity. I find it way quicker to work in C# when testing things out.

Here's the "straight" which builds on the UE4 spline implementation. I can customise the cross-section of the track at each node, and it will interpolate from one to another, again generating the mesh plus calculating collision and track normals accordingly.


Second is the car itself. The main sticking point is the coupling between the engines. Too fixed and the gameplay feels too rigid and shallow. There's no "learning" to do to fly the thing. Too loose, and it's impossible to control it.


Hovering was straightforward enough.

Coupling between the engines too tight...

Too loose...

And finally, a premature flight test.

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